Clown Prince Of All Cinema

December 26, 2005 at 11:00 am (J-Movies, Kitano Takeshi)

Takeshi KITANO


“For my money, only two directors alive today consistently produce films that I consider flawless: Scorsese and Bito…”

~ 72HW


Into a very poor Tokyo family on January 18th, 1947 came a boy who would be plagued with hardship, self doubt and detached indifference even after becoming a household name, loved by millions all over Japan. First winning fame as a stand-up comedian, then a wild TV host and finally for violent Yakuza films he directed and starred in – the meteoric rise of “Beat” Takeshi would nearly come crashing down. In 1994 a drunken motorbike ride found its end wrapped around a rail-road barrier, seriously injuring the star and paralyzing the right side of his face. Many predicted he would never again return to the spotlight, but from the introspective convalescence which followed, ‘Bito’ would emerge utterly transformed.

Infused with intricate symbolism and singular subtext, the films he began to make would instantly transcend all previous accomplishments and earn prestigious, winning nods from Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Tokyo film festivals among many others. Perhaps more importantly the sweeping vision and stunning beauty he found within himself resonated with movie goers around the globe – many of whom openly worship the man they have lovingly proclaimed Kitano: God Of Cinema

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