The Gaijin Otaku Gundan is my way of sharing with the world just how big a geek I truly am.

Though when Gaijin Otaku Gundan is translated into English it means “Foreign Barbarian Shut-in Geek Armed Forces” it is in no way an actual organized army or any such silliness. Honestly I’m not entirely sure ‘Gundan’ is even a word (in Japanese or any other language) but so many Death Metal bands and Anime Fans have used it with similar meaning attached I feel confident it’s at least close.

At the end of the day, Gaijin Otaku Gundan can and should be interpreted simply as the “Dirty White Foreigner Geek Unhealthily Obsessed With Japan Military Type Organization” or words of a similar nature, etc. and so forth. To be quite frank the sole member of this quasi-real group is 72HW (aka GOG Blog, aka Me) – therefore all opinions expressed here on the GOG Blog can and should be the responsibility of no one else – even if I try and pass the buck, shirk all knowledge of or even deny outright all involvement after the fact.

Feel free to send me any comments, ridicule or heaping amounts of praise you deem unworthy of a Comment* on one of the GOG Blog entries using the following email address: otaku72@gmail.com


* Of course the traditional Comment Option should be used in all but the most extreme of circumstance., That said, don’t get all crabby if your emailed thoughts are left unanswered for any prolonged period of time. Further, should you discover said emailed thoughts have been twisted around and posted on the GOG Blog in such a way that all but the simplest plebe will mistake your intentions to be at best, salaciously erotic attempts to woo me into your leopard print covered den of unspeakable Crisco coated sin.



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