Sarin Happy Guru: Totally Whacked!

January 17, 2006 at 7:33 pm (General Belly Aching)

Asahara not fit for trial: psychiatrist
Japan Times – January 17, 2006

Note: A comprehensive collection of articles detailing the full scope of Aum Shinrikyo and Shoko Asahara’s crimes is available for download at the end of this post.

“Headgear to tune cult members into his own brainwaves, production of nerve gas, automatic weapons, manufacture of LSD for the Yakuza, wholesale brainwashing of thousands of his disciples and industrial sized microwaves to dispose of murder victims. Let’s see, did I miss anything? Oh wait – that whole sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system back in ’95 too… and you mean to tell me the guy might be a little off ?!” ~ 72HW

The Japan Times announced yesterday that according to his lawyers, Shoko Asahara is unable to stand trial because of a ‘confused state of mind.’

OK, for one this is a guy who founded the Aum Shinrikyo specifically so he could bring about the end of the freaking world! What’s more, he wasn’t content to wait for Armageddon, oh no: instead he ordered members of Aum to release sarin on the subway system beneath Tokyo in 1995.

(FYI: Sarin is a nerve agent many hundreds times more powerful than mustard gas, one so nasty and inhumane even HITLER REFUSED TO USE IT!)

But only now, after three or four years of appeals and delays has Professor Masaaki Noda of Kwansei Gakuin University submitted his psychiatrist’s report to the Tokyo High Court stating Asahara is not fit to stand trial for reasons of (get this) mental instability. Sentenced to death after being found guilty on 13 counts including the sarin attack the 50 year old Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, gets this good news right in the middle of yet another appeal if you can believe it!The lawyers hope the high court will suspend the appellate trial after reviewing the report, in which Professor Noda stats “If competency to stand trial is defined as understanding the meaning of the trial and the ability to defend oneself, then (Asahara) should be deemed lacking in such competency.”

However, he goes on to say if given immediate psychological treatment Asahara’s symptoms may improve in six months and that resuming the trial after this recovery period would be more advantageous than continuing to argue over whether the Guru is actually a certifiable nut-job or if he’s just pretending to be a retard. But wait – it gets worse: Noda, along with three or four other head shrinkers seem to think the mental disorder poor Shoko suffers from is caused by a long stay in prison!

Now just for the record, the attorneys, lawyers and doctors are all talking about talking about the guy shown below long before the fuzz caught up with him and put him in the pokey:

Now I ask you, this guy might be a bit off? NO WAY – REALLY??

Click the below link(s) to download a comprehensive introduction on the Aum Shinrikyo, the Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks and the cult’s resident whack-job guru Shoko Asahara.

Due to broken links posted earlier I have replaced them with the below direct link to a Yahoo Breifcase. The articles can be downloaded there as either a RAR or ZIP archive:


These collected documents should give readers a more than adequate introduction to the history of Shoko Asahara, the Aum Shinrikyo cult, events leading to March 20, 1995 when sarin gas was released in Tokyo’s massive underground subway system, the ongoing effect the attack has left on Japanese life and indeed the world community as a whole.

01 – Aum Shinrikyo / Aum Supreme Truth Wikipedia Entry
02 – History of Aum Shinrikyo
03 – US Senate Subcommittee Case Study on Aum Shinrikyo
04 – Day Of Judgment – Yomiuri Shimbun In Depth Series
05 – Sentencing of Asahara – Richard Gardne for Newsweek
06 – Review of Murakamis Underground by Ian Hacking
07 – On The Revival of Aum – Andrew Marshall
08 – On Aum Conspiracy Theories – Garry Greenwood
09 – Rand Corp. Study of Aum & Terrorist Access To Nukes (PDF)

After narrowing it down to these 10 documents, each was re-read and placed in an order that made sense considering both complexity and chronological order.

The collection has been cleaned up and HTML formatted for easy use on most handheld devices, but can also be read using a standard web-browser.



  1. Charles said,

    The links to the document zips and rars are broken. I would really like to read some of these documents, could you fix the link? Thanks.

  2. gogblog said,

    Charles, sorry about that… still getting used to the quirks and hiccups of the free web-based version WordPress I’m using on this here blog, hope the new link works for you.

  3. Charles said,

    Thanks, the download was successful this time.

  4. SHOKO ASAHARA said,

    Will you lead a better life if you put Asahara to death?

  5. AUM said,


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