Sarin Happy Guru: Totally Whacked!

January 17, 2006 at 7:33 pm (General Belly Aching)

Asahara not fit for trial: psychiatrist
Japan Times – January 17, 2006

Note: A comprehensive collection of articles detailing the full scope of Aum Shinrikyo and Shoko Asahara’s crimes is available for download at the end of this post.

“Headgear to tune cult members into his own brainwaves, production of nerve gas, automatic weapons, manufacture of LSD for the Yakuza, wholesale brainwashing of thousands of his disciples and industrial sized microwaves to dispose of murder victims. Let’s see, did I miss anything? Oh wait – that whole sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system back in ’95 too… and you mean to tell me the guy might be a little off ?!” ~ 72HW

The Japan Times announced yesterday that according to his lawyers, Shoko Asahara is unable to stand trial because of a ‘confused state of mind.’

OK, for one this is a guy who founded the Aum Shinrikyo specifically so he could bring about the end of the freaking world! What’s more, he wasn’t content to wait for Armageddon, oh no: instead he ordered members of Aum to release sarin on the subway system beneath Tokyo in 1995.

(FYI: Sarin is a nerve agent many hundreds times more powerful than mustard gas, one so nasty and inhumane even HITLER REFUSED TO USE IT!)

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BBC 4: Jonathan Ross’ Asian Invasion – Japan

January 12, 2006 at 6:23 pm (J-Movies, Other Films of Note)

Must See TV this aint, but not Must Miss either…

A three-part series that follows the host to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea as he claims to explore the world’s most innovative cinema.
“Nice eye candy, though far from authoritative. Even far from comprehensive. Heck, might as well just say it: If you want a decent intro to Japanese Film you better look elsewhere.” ~ 72HW

As charming as the show’s “Lunch with Ryuhei Kitamura” and all to brief Miyazaki interview segments are, the remaining 90% will be of little use to anyone familiar with Japanese cinema except for possibly the otaku set.
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SAMBOMASTER: Like Hearing God Play J-Rock

January 11, 2006 at 1:55 am (Soundtrack Of My Life)

Just a quick rant about my latest fanboy obsession…

Sambomaster Is:
Lead Singer & Guitar God: Takeshi Yamaguchi
On Bass & Backing Vocals: Yoichi Kondo
A Skin Pounding Madman: Yasufumi Kiuchi
“I love music more than just about anything, but am very particular about what I listen to. If I happen across a band with whom I can groove, that’s cool, but when I discover a band like Sambomaster they forever become part of my soul.” ~ 72HW

Some say I tend to go a tad overboard when I find a band that hits all the right chords – they probably just want me to stop giving them CD’s and shut the hell up long enough to talk about something different for five minutes. For the past 12 months its been Japanese film and culture I’ve been running my hole about, but over the past few weeks the dead horse I’ve been beating repeatedly goes by the name Sambomaster who play an exquisite hybrid of jazz, punk and power pop. So pow, how you like me now! One might think the people in my neighborhood would welcome a change of subject when they speak at me, right? Only problem is, you guessed it – Sambomaster hail from Tokyo. Read the rest of this entry »

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