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December 26, 2005 at 1:27 am (Documentary Film)

The below is a regularly updated list of documentary and educational films which all deal with, you guessed it – Asia and/or Asians!

Further information on each title can be had simply by Googling the name in most cases and as you can see, the list is broken down into Country and when it makes sense, broken down further into specific areas of focus.

NOTE: All below listed titles will be hotlinked with short reviews once available

Many are freely available on various torrent trackers if you wanted to search them out, just like just about anything these days… But if you run into trouble locating a program or film and would like to request a file be made available via BitTorrent all you need do is send us an email request detailing which doc you would like and we will send you a link to the torrent once it has been verified as seeded!

Send Requests to:


Cambodia: The Betrayal
(1993 – David Munro – Central Independent TV – from DigitalDistractions)

(North Korea)

Dispatches: Children of the Secret State
(2001 – Ahn Chol/Discovery Ch – from DigitalDistractions)

Welcome To North Korea
(2001 – Peter Tetteroo/KRO TV – from DigitalDistractions)

The Game Of Their Lives
(2002 – Daniel Gordon – DVD-Rip)

Nuclear Nightmare: Understanding North Korea
(2003 – Discovery Ch – from DigitalDistractions)

A State of Mind
(2004 – Daniel Gordon – PBS Wide Angle Brdcst. w/o post film discussion)

North Korea: A Day In The Life
(2004 – Pieter Fleury – DVD-Rip)

Dispatches: Undercover In The Secret State
(2005 – Kim Jung Eun – Channel 4 U.K. TV cap)


> Feudal Nara, Heian & Warring States Era (710 -1603)
Lost Treasures Of The Ancient World: Japan
(2000 – Kultur Films – from DigitalDistractions)

> Edo / Tokugawa Era (1603-1867)
Ancient Warriors: Samurai
(2000 – Discovery Channel)

Ancient Warriors: Ninja
(2000 – Discovery Channel)

Decisive Weapons: Japanese Sword – Soul Of The Samurai
(1997 – BBC 2)

Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
(2000 – PBS Empires – 3 episodes/hours total)
Part One: The Way of the Samurai
Part Two: The Will of the Shogun
Part Three: The Return of the Barbarians

Histories Mysteries: Samurai Warriors
(2005 – History Channel TV Cap)

> Meji Restoration (1868-1912)

> Taisho / Showa Eras (1912- 1989)
US Propaganda – Challenge to Democracy
(1944 – On the Internment of Japanese-Americans)

US Propaganda – Our Enemy- The Japanese
(1943 – Attempt to understand Japanese culture)

Hiroshima Nagasaki Tale of Two Cities
(1946 – US War Dept 12min film on A-Bomb Damage)

Japan: The Invasion That Never Was
(1998 – from Sworn To Secrecy series on History Channel)

Nagasaki The Horror of Fat Man The World’s 1st Plutonium Bomb
(2005 – Serge Viallet)

Unit 731 – Nightmare in Manchuria
(1999 – A&E Network)

Extreme Engineering: Tokyo Sky Tower
(2003 – Discovery Channel)

Nova – Sinking The Supership
(2005 – PBS TV Capture)

Japan’s Atomic Bomb
(2005 – History Channel – from DigitalDistractions)

> Heisei Era (1989-Present )
(1998 – Tatsuya Mori – Inside look at the Aum Shinrikyo cult)

Extreme Engineering: Tokyo Sky Tower
(2004 – TLC TV Cap)


> Warring States Period
Lost Treasures Of The Ancient World: China
(2000 – Kultur Films – from DigitalDistractions)

What the Ancients Did For Us: The Chinese
(2004 – BBC 2)

> Qin Dynasty (221 — 206 BC)
IMAX – The First Emperor Of China
(1989 – Tony Ianzelo, Liu Hao Xue – dramatization)

The Immortal Emperor
(1996 – Christopher Mann – BBC TV)

> Han Dynasty (206 BC — 220 AD)

> World War I & II
Why We Fight – The Battle of China
(1944 – Frank Capra – US War Department Propaganda Film)

> Modern Day
Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
(2005 – Animal Planet – w/ Dual Audio [Eng/Mandarin])

Red Sun Setting
(2005 – Covertly filmed in China by Dissident/Underground activists)

Globe Trekker: Central & South West China
(2000 – Pilot Guides / Lonely Planet Travel Doc)

> Shaolin Temple / Kung Fu
CCTV – Shaolin kung fu
(19xx – Mei Ah Films – Eng subs & teen Jet Li training!)

Ancient Warriors: Shaolin Monks
(2000 – Discovery Channel)


Yogis of Tibet
(2002 – JEHM Films)

Exploring Tibet
(SjB Productions – 24 min amature docu)

Lost Civilizations – Tibet
(#10 of Time Life Lost Civilizations series)

Devotion & Defiance: Buddhism and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Tibet
(2004 – International Campaign for Tibet)


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